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Four Reasons to Buy Rural Land


Purchasing property is a big decision – a decision driven by your motivation of why you want to purchase rural land.

There are four primary reasons people purchase rural land. Your reasons may overlap into multiple categories, but one reason usually takes precedence over the other. Having a clear idea about why you want to purchase rural property impacts other decisions you’ll need to make and factors you need to consider.

So, what are the four main reasons to buy rural land?

  • Recreation
  • Farming & Ranching
  • Investment
  • To Build A Country Home

Recreation: When you live in the city, sometimes the most fun thing you can do is get OUT of the city and play in the country. Whether your preferred means of country recreation is hunting, fishing, hiking, or exploring the land on an ATV, having a spot to call your own makes it easier.

Farming & Ranching: If you want to try your hand at farming or ranching, land is foundational to the endeavor. The fact that you’re reading this, though, indicates that you probably don’t have a family history in the industry. Good news. There are programs available for folks just like you. Or, on the other hand, you could simply want a bigger vegetable garden than your cityscape will allow. Or you might dream of opening your own winery. You don’t have to own cattle or plant wheat to start an agribusiness.

Investment: The stock market is unpredictable. Businesses come and go. Technology changes. But land has always been a valuable asset. It is a sound investment for those who are willing and able to make it.

Country Home: People decide to build homes on rural acreage for a variety of reasons. It could serve as a second home and a retreat away from the pressures of corporate America. It might be your retirement dream. Or you may want a place for the family to gather and do something that doesn’t involve devices or screens, where your kids can roam free, investigate nature, and (perhaps unintentionally) learn something.

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