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Local Farm Credit Leader Linda Floerke Works to Support Rural Land Ownership

Benton and Linda Floerke at their place with cattle on pasture in the background.

“We have a mission to support rural land ownership,” says Linda Floerke, who served on Lone Star’s board from 2014 until 2016, when she was elected to the Farm Credit Bank of Texas Board of Directors.

A Texas native, Floerke first learned about the Farm Credit System shortly after she and her husband took over her parents’ company, AgroTech Services, in 1996.

“The demand for our services was there, but we needed new equipment to grow the business,” says Floerke, whose company specializes in liquid fertilizer, crop chemicals, custom application, cattle protein supplements, and other products and services for area farmers and ranchers.

Over the years, Floerke and her husband have worked with Lone Star Ag Credit to finance many different purchases, including their now 500-acre family ranch near Lampasas. Here, they raise cattle, white-tailed deer and coastal Bermuda grass hay on their land.

“When my parents began to plan for their estate, we went back and got a loan to buy their ranch and adjoining property,” says Floerke, whose mother’s family has owned the same property for more than 100 years.

Macy Blankenship and Linda Floerke

“Linda and I have been acquaintances my whole life, but I really got to know her when I began my career at Lone Star in 2003. Since then, I have also enjoyed working with her as her lender,” says Macy Blankenship, Lone Star’s credit office president in Lampasas. “With her agribusiness experience and her leadership skills, she served us well as our director. It was no surprise to me when she was elected as a district director at Farm Credit Bank of Texas, where she is dedicated to representing the association’s members at the district level.

“Linda is a natural leader and an asset in our local community,” Blankenship adds. “She serves on the Lampasas I.S.D. Board of Trustees, the Lampasas United Methodist Church Trustee Board and the Agri-Life Extension Advisory Board.”

Indeed, Floerke is not only helping Farm Credit to fulfill its mission to support rural land ownership, she is helping to strengthen her rural community as a whole.

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