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The Michael and Allison Aars Family

Parents and two kids in front of a white colored home.

Michael and Allison Aars had a busy life in Dallas between work, church, and two active boys. In the back of their minds was the idea of retiring to the Hill Country “one day”. Michael’s family is from Clifton and Allison’s parents have inherited her grandparents’ home in Norse, so it was an idea fueled by a desire for their boys to experience the same childhood joys of visiting Norse and exploring the Hill Country. Then, a spontaneous weekend drive along Bosque County backroads set their dream of living in the country in motion.

“You know how weather events are classified as Acts of God? That’s pretty much how this move went. We spotted a real estate sign, locked up wheels and 30 days later, we were buying a farm!” said Allison. “The property felt like it was made for us. The boys were splashing in the creek and when we asked if they wanted to move, their giddy laughter sealed the decision.”

The Aars initially planned to call their lending contacts in Dallas, but found out that buying agricultural land is different. Their realtor suggested Justin Kelly at Lone Star Ag Credit, and he walked the Aars through the differences of small acreage versus large, and became a trusted resource.

“Justin absolutely guided us through the process, and he never ‘let the fish off the line,’ so to speak. It was through his expertise and engaged support that we secured the loan for what we now call home, a festive farmhouse with 32 acres in Bosque County,” said Michael. “Now I get together with Justin for breakfast once in a while and trade success secrets. ‘Do you have a good fencing guy? What animals are you thinking about? Do you know somebody with a bulldozer? What’s your favorite breed of goat?’”

Photo: Kaitlyn Bullard/The Big and Bright

The Aars recently began keeping honeybees and hope for a honey harvest in late summer 2019. One day, they plan to split hives to sell the bees as well. The farm is also home to goats and a donkey, and Allison wants a cow (Michael says, “We’ll see!”). Ironically, Allison had started a farmhouse-lifestyle business in 2016 prior to the move, and named it “The Festive Farmhouse“. She has created a successful brand and blog that frequently features their home. Now the whole family is living The Festive Farmhouse life!

“We’re watching our kids grow. Their sense of wonder has expanded since we’ve moved here. And so has ours.” – Michael Photo: Kaitlyn Bullard/The Big and Bright


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