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Establish Your Foundation

Leaving the hustle and bustle of city life, finding a quiet corner of the world you can call your own, or starting fresh sounds pretty good these days. We help buyers from all walks and stages of life who dream of finding that perfect place in the country, by offering long-term financing at competitive rates because we believe everyone has the right to find a solid foundation they can call home.

How we help you on your journey

When you hear “rural,” you might be thinking a big ranch or lots of acres, but our loans cover anything from as little as a one acre home site outside the city limits to new construction to financing the purchase of existing single-family homes on larger tracts of land.

We help buyers determine whether the rural home they are wanting to purchase will qualify in the secondary market or if the property they are buying is most suitable for Farm Credit given the ratio of improvement value vs. land.

In most cases, the everyday mortgage lender finances homes in the city limits and will shy away from land and interim construction loans. Loan Star Ag Credit is willing to be your one-stop-shop in financing your land, construction on the improvements, and also offer competitive long-term financing on the home mortgage.


Perfect For:

  • Country Home Purchase
  • Refinancing a Country Home
  • Construction of Country Homes

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